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 Cyclepath 'C' (Wasing Way)- Approx distance 1.25 miles

This cyclepath was constructed in 2012 after the Parish Plan identified the need for a safe route between Aldermaston Village and Aldermaston Wharf.  It has a tarmac surface and is 2 metres wide.  It is called Wasing Way because Wasing Estate generously donated most of the required land.

The route starts approx 0.25 miles north of the Rosebourne Garden Centre, where a finger-post points eastwards away from the A340. Cross the bridge and skirt round the edge of the first field.  Towards the end of the first field a rustic bench has been installed, affording views south towards Aldermaston Manor and Church.  At the North East corner of the first field, cross the bridge and pass through a spinney.  Footpath #17 starts here, heading south towards Fishermans Lane.  At the end of the spinney, turn left back up to the A340 and cross the River Kennet.

At the other side of the bridge, follow the finger-post pointing away from the A340, skirt a second, smaller field and cross the bridge (deliberately wide to allow the passage of a combine harvester).  Note the willow trees on the right, grown to make cricket bats.  Pass by another rustic bench and follow the edge of a much larger field, parallel to the A340.  Between the cyclepath and A340, a row of lime trees have been planted to replace the popular avenue of poplars that were felled when the cyclepath was constructed.  The cyclepath now runs parallel to the A340, and towards the end is another rustic bench.  The cyclepath ends where the route rejoins the A340 just before you reach the Wharf development.  Conveniently the Butt Inn is approx 200 yards north and the Kennet and Avon canal another 400 yards north.

Legal Status of footpaths: these footpaths are definitive footpaths within Aldermaston Parish. Readers should be aware of the legal status of certain footpaths indicated on this website and maps:
Footpath 4 is also a Bridleway, permitting horse riding.
Footpaths 6,7 and 16 are Byways, permitting all traffic.
Footpath No1 Approx distance 1mile
This path begins by the Aldermaston Store in the village, following the track known as Fisherman’s Lane. It leaves the village, a well-worn track, and after a short distance passes Footpath No17 to the left and then Footpath No2 on the right. A short distance after is St John’s Wood on the right (a designated woodland for walkers). The path continues through grazing meadowland, a haven for many birds and wildlife, to the Parish boundary where it joins Footpaths No18 to the left and No12 to the right.
Footpath No2 Approx distance 0.25mile
A path with some history, as it was the original route from the village to the Church on occasions including wedding and funeral processions. The path leaves No1 off to the right and over 2 stiles through grazing land uphill to exit just opposite the Church on Church Road. There are wonderful views of the Kennet Valley extending to Woolhampton in the distance.
Footpath No3 Approx distance 0.50mile
Continue along Church Lane towards Padworth and within 50metres No3 enters the field on your left. It goes off downhill towards a small woodland, where it skirts a small pond, then climbs along the edge of a meadow towards Raghill. If you walk quietly it is highly likely to spot deer on this walk.
Footpath No4 Approx distance 0.25mile
This is also a Bridleway. Turning right up Raghill, No4 is off left opposite Court Farm, a short but well-defined footpath that starts as a double track before narrowing and going downhill into woodland, which marks the Parish boundary, but continues onto Padworth Common.
Footpath No5 Approx distance 0.75mile
This footpath can be found by turning down the track, which also forms the Parish boundary, just before Pelican Road, and on the same side of the road in Pamber Heath. The footpath begins where the track ends and it goes into an SSSI through woodland, over footbridges and up past No6 on your left. It continues downhill and over the stream in Brick Kiln Gully where there are still remains of the kiln and clay pits. On uphill towards Soke Road where it crosses the road and continues, alongside Allport Packaging, and into Benyon’s Estate.
Footpath No6 Approx distance 0.20mile
A very short footpath running from the Burghfield Road, opposite Decoy Lake, as a Byway. It crosses a stream past the entrance to the SSSI, then becoming a footpath at Keepers Cottage and meeting with No5 shortly after. A footpath in a well populated area for deer.
Footpath No7 Approx distance 0.30mile
A continuation of No6 as a Byway, turning right before Keepers Cottage and going uphill towards Ravenswing before curving left and heading past the Fishing Lakes and meeting with Silchester Road by the site of the Sunday Market. Well-defined gravel track for any weather walks.
Footpath No8 Approx distance 0.30mile
Turn right at the Silchester Road end of No7 and head in a straight line back across Stacey’s with the fishing lake on your right towards Ravenswing. Cross the stile and continue through Ravenswing and between the garages into Upper Moore’s Gully and on towards the Burghfield Road directly behind Circus Farm. Though the footpath ends at this point it is possible from here to cross the road and continue to walk following the fence to AWE in either direction. A footpath that can be difficult to negotiate as you get up and over Upper Moore’s Gully.
Footpath No9 Approx distance 1.20mile
This is the longest footpath and one of the most enjoyable in the parish. From a point on Paices Hill opposite the West Gate into AWE it goes along past Calleva Park then crosses the road that runs behind Calleva Park and into the Wasing Estate. It continues for some distance through an area, which can be very soft and waterlogged, then spills down over the hill towards Aldermaston giving way to some wonderful vistas. The footpath gives way to a farm track, then one has the option of a right hand direction towards the village crossing the fields and stiles, which bring you out onto Wasing Lane near Dolphin Close. The other option is to continue for a short way, then go left over the new path which crosses Wasing land and exits opposite Wasing Lower Farm and picks up with the track that leads down to the Airfield. Though both these stretches are in fact outside of Parish boundaries they lead to No10 which is in the Parish.
The waterlogged section has become much more of a problem in recent years and is often a problem even in summer. This section of the footpath was re-routed from its original track to the present one about 40 years ago as a result of gravel extraction on Budds Plantation. At present (2009) discussions are under way between West Berkshire Council and Wasing Estate as to whether to revert to the original track or to provide a raised walkway over the waterlogged strecth. 
Footpath No10 Approx distance 0.50mile
This footpath will lead the walker to Woolhampton, exiting onto the road close by the famous Rowbarge Pub. At the swing bridge turn right and follow the river along No11 for a cricular walk.
Footpath No11 Approx distance 0.90mile
Though this footpath stems from Woolhampton it follows the River Kennet along some very lovely countryside and enters our Parish at a point just before the Kennet River and Canal part company. Continue past the entrance to the Marina and towards The Old Mill at which point it turns away from the river and toward the A340 and No17. A very picturesque walk and cool on a hot day.
Footpath No12 Approx distance 0.30mile
This footpath starts from Padworth Mill and Fish Farm, at the end of No18, a great surprise here if you’ve never encountered the Kennet at this location. After crossing No1 at the furthest end from the village, it turns left and soon enters some woodland and begins to climb a hill towards Raghill where it exits just below the sawmill. Turning right at the road and up the hill towards Upper Church Farm will enable the walker to find No3 on the right then No4 on the left. An easy footpath, with a high possibility of spotting some deer.
Footpath No13 Approx distance 0.30mile
This path cuts through Stacey’s at a point between the entrance car park in Ravenswing and the Silchester Road.
Footpath No14 Approx distance 0.40mile
This path runs from the Winkworth Lane entrance to Ravenswing Park to the gate on the walker's right then inside Stacey’s, parallel with First Avenue of Ravenswing Park, and meets with No7 by the Fishing Lakes.
Footpath No15 Approx distance 0.20mile
This footpath no longer exists.
Footpath No16 Approx distance 0.40mile
This is opposite No14 on Winkworth Lane and is a Byway running past Ravenswing Farm towards Falcon Fields and the A340.
Footpath No17 Approx distance 0.40mile
Runs from the bridge, on the A340 at The Old Mill, towards Fisherman’s Lane, and over fields frequently used by cattle.
Footpath No18 Approx distance 0.40mile overall.
By far the shortest footpath within the Parish as it crosses a short field from Mill Lane and runs to Padworth Mill and Fish Farm, where it continues as No12. View the River Kennet as it cascades through sluices. A great surprise here if you’ve never encountered the Kennet at this location.

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