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How to get there

Public transport links are good at the northern and southern ends of Aldermaston Parish but not so good in between.
To the north Aldermaston Wharf is connected by train on the Reading-Newbury line and by the Jet-black 1 Reading-Newbury bus service.
To the south near AWE there is a frequent bus service to Basingstoke and a peak service only between Reading and AWE.
Train information
Bus information
This has details of the following bus services:
Reading Buses Jet-black 1: Reading-Newbury via A4
Newbury Buses 104: Reading-Newbury via Aldermaston and Tadley
Reading Buses Vitality 2A: Reading-AWE (peak hour service only)
Stagecoach Jazz2: Basingstoke- Tadley/Baughurst
Local taxi services
Tadley Taxis: 0118 981 6840
D & I Cars: 0118 981 2812
Or from station ranks at Reading, Basingstoke, Thatcham and Newbury

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