Aldermaston Parish Council

Parish Council - vacancy for councillor

Safer Communities Meeting - Woolhampton on 31st Ocotber

Electoral review of West Berkshire - proposed new Aldermaston & Bucklebury ward

Conclusion of audit for 2016/17 - Annual return available for inspection.

Manor House Development - Bell Cornwell's report on the planning application

West Berkshire Minerals Plan. Click here to see Parish Council response to consultation regarding gravel extraction sites.

44 Bus service - a new timetable is effective 30th January 2017.

Bus service Baughurst to Reading via AWE and Mortimer. Click here to see timetable. Operated by Mortons, bus passes acceptable.

Wasing Lower Farm gravel extraction. Tarmac's media statement. Tarmac's letter to residents

Post Office opening hours: Monday & Thursday 10.30-15.00

Parish Magazine - click here for latest edition.

21 church of st mary the virgin

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